Meet the fire squad

Who are we?

A motivated and hardworking team, ready to tell your real estate story.

We believe in the power of dialogue and collaboration, with our customers and with each other! Within our team, we each bring our own expertise and experience to the table and encourage each other to achieve the very best results, tailored to your project.

Illustratie lucifers Kelly van Loon

Pascal – Match maker

Founder, Managing & creative director

"Any problem, big or small,
always seems to start with communication:
someone isn't listening."

Jeroen – Fireworks

Brand & Digital Designer

"I hate quotes,
but I'll try."

Hannah – Fuel Provider

Brand Strategist, Communication Chameleon

"But do they know
that we know
they know we know?"

Phae – Kindlewood

Intern, Copy and Socials Activist

"A quote?
Will this be part of my evaluation?"

Takoda – Hell hound

Security officer & Therapist

"Not sure if I'm here
because they love me,
or just for tax purposes."

Let's start a fire together!

Illustratie aansteker Kelly van Loon